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More features to help you get things done.

Unlimited areas let you filter out everything that isn’t relevant to your current area of focus. Hide work-related projects when you’re at home or vice versa, and sort your mind’s content into as many compartments as you need.

Unlimited projects and reference lists free your mind of mental clutter, letting you capture and organize every flash of inspiration and valuable thought: notes to remember, books to read, movies to queue, or cafés to scope out.

Recurring tasks will help you to pay that monthly bill on time, file that weekly report, or pick up the kids every Tuesday and Thursday. Tasks can repeat with or without due dates, and you can make them actionable a few days in advance if you wish.

Plus all the features you know and love.

Flexible tagging

Use tags, contacts, or areas to add more context to your actions and projects.

Advanced filters

Filter your actions based on tags, areas, contacts, energy, time required, and more.

Powerful search

Use keywords to run a full text search and rapidly find what you’re looking for.

Scheduled tasks

Defer and schedule tasks to appear in your list of actionable items at a later time.

Due dates

Set due dates on actions and projects so that you never miss a deadline again.


Add checklists to your notes to ensure nothing gets overlooked or forgotten.

Always in sync

We make sure that your data always stays up to date across all your devices.

Capture via email

Turn any email into an action by forwarding it to your Nirvana account.

Focus via email

Have your focus list emailed to you first thing in the morning on specific days of the week.

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Upgrade to Nirvana Pro

$3 /month
billed annually, or $5 billed monthly

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